Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day Four and GOING STRONG!


I grudgingly woke to drink my 8 ounces of water, because I only had four hours of sleep, and I was not ready to wake up.  I need to work on my sleeping skills.

mini exercise..20 deep calf raises on the stairs with your heels hanging over the stair, all the way up to your tippy toes, then all the way down as far as you can stretch.  I then laid on my back and did 20 but raise and squeezes...

Breakfast...1/2 banana, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, large handful of spinach, and orange and almonds...shared with my man.  See a pattern here?

I got to work and there was a beautiful apple on my desk right in front of my keyboard.  There was a note from my sweet friend Dee, who works in the office down the hall, and is also one of the exercise girls you saw a picture of yesterday.  She picked if from her tree and left it as a reward for my working so hard on my healthy new life style.  SWEET!

16 more ounces of water by lunch.  I had a meeting all morning, but sipped the water in there.

Lunch was a quick chomp down of leftover salad and salmon with a drizzle of olive oil an a squeeze of lime...YUM.

Another meeting, another 16 ounces of water.  See how that water sneaks into those meetings with you?

The afternoon was SWAMPED with work.  Luckily I like to plan ahead and chop up vegies, bag grapes and have little baggies in the fridge for the kids when they get home, and I take a ton to work with me to have on hand.

Today I grabbed a bag of peppers, I also sliced up the beautiful apple Dee brought...YUM!

Dinner consisted of roasted chicken stacks ( my family had the roasted chicken on rolls, I simply stacked the chicken, fresh tomato and onion on my lettuce leaves) and grapes.  Don't forget the nice glass of H20.


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