Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day Two!


I am behind on posting this wonderful adventure.  I woke up and drank eight ounces of water RiGHT AWAY, then brushed my teeth, showered and made a quick smoothie out of almond milk, a peach, 1/2 banana, berries and 2 cups of spinach with a squeeze of lemon and 6 almonds.  This was for Jeff and I, and it was fresh, delicious and quick.

I drank 16 ounces of water and worked away the morning until noon.

I then ran down to our wellness center and took a 30 minute weight lifting class.  It was HARD, but I felt STRONG, and I could lift more than I ever have.  We have a great program at my work, I feel LUCKY.  There are two ladies who come at the same time as me that are fun, positive, and great inspirations...Dee and Emily.  I told them about my 30 day challenge and they are nothing but supportive and fun to be around.
There are also my trainers.  They both push us to the limit, and they actually push me farther than I ever thought I could go!  Dan is the one who says "YES YOU CAN" when I tell him I cant do burpees, or push ups, or hold a plank.  I truly feel lucky to have this program right downstairs!
(sorry the picture of them is so dark!)

I headed back to my desk with a red face, pumping blood and a new strength in my step.  This is going to be such a great lifestyle change...I KNOW I CAN DO IT!  

I downed 8 more ounces of water and had some turkey sausage and some grapes.

I did a brisk walk around the big square of the hallways at my work 3 times for a quick afternoon break and had a cup of fresh swiss chard with a squeeze of lemon I picked on the way out the front door.  ( My kids thought it would be funny to plant chard in my front flower bed, but it actually turned out beautiful, and I LOVE IT!

After work Jeff and I took Riley out for his 19th birthday dinner to Outback!  They shared a huge cheese fry with bacon and cheese all over them and I munched on the cherry tomatoes out of Jeff's salad and sipped on my water.  I then had an amazing salad with grilled shrimp...yum!

We had already had Riley's birthday "cake" (brownies and choc chip cookie mix) Aug 29th, his real birthday...I shouldn't be talking about that, but I did bring it up because there was leftover gooey goodness and I didn't even have any!  WOOT WOOT for small successes.

Riley's thrill at being sung to:)

I ended the day with some yoga and it was NICE!
Before bed I had another 8 ounces of water...I also got my water ready by the side of my bed for morning!


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