Sunday, February 3, 2013

Exercise for the Week...

My weight is down 1.8 pounds this week. I will walk into the confessional booth right now and admit that my exercise this week was lacking...I have to be honest with myself, or I will never make it.  I DID take the stairs everywhere I went, I DID park as far away as I could and I DID take walks on my breaks at work.

I am making a goal this week to exercise 30 minutes 6 times this week.  There are three things I am going to focus on...1. I am running/walking a 5k in April or May with my cute niece Amber who PROMISED she would be with me when I ran my first mile non-stop, so I am going to be working on training for that.  2. I am going to focus on strength training as I would like to build muscle to help burn fat, and 3. I need to learn how to Zumba like a mad woman because that is the family exercise this saturday, and I would like to be good at it because I am going to be leading it...hmmmm maybe I will recruit my cute friend Christie who is the Zumba queen!!

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