Friday, February 8, 2013


One of the biggest tips I can share is to PREPARE!

I make a shopping and menu list for the week, down to snacks.  I also try to look at the complete nutrition and add foods each day that will give me my nutrients, protein, vitamin c, vitamin b's and a's etc...

I then shop, pre package and chop vegies for quick fixing snacks, stir-fries etc...

Then I make sure I pack up the goodness and take it with me.  I work full time, so I need to prepare my food for the day to take with me.  I sit RIGHT NEXT to the candy and treat cupboard at my is 2 feet away!  I can SMELL the chocolate.

Guess what?  I have not binged out of there while I am preparing and bringing my treats!

What did you take to work today?

Here is my bundle from yesterday...

I also have raw almonds, turkey jerky, sugar-free gum in my desk.  I also some of my truffles in the freezer at work if I am craving a chocolate fix...and MINE are good for you!