Saturday, February 16, 2013


There was no family work out scheduled for today, so I took it upon myself to look through other motivating blogs to see if I could find a good plan for training for a 5 k I signed up for in June.  I read some great ideas!  I am going to take a few plans, tweak them for my age, level of fitness and I will post my finished product here tomorrow.  5k..HERE I COME!

So exercise today will consist of a Rockin' work-out party in my living room with my fitness tapes.  Sometimes I like to do that, because I can shake my booty all I want, dont have to get dressed, and I can hop on the WII and have them tell me that I am still obese.  It doesn't bother me anymore, because I look at that cute little cartoon character and I tell her..."I cant wait for the day when you will say..hmmm, she is not obese anymore, she is healthy."  IT WILL HAPPEN LITTLE CARTOON LADY!

I started my day off with a yummy smoothie with 2 cups of baby kale, an apple, a date for sweetness, a spoonful of coconut oil, almond milk and whey protein powder...

EAT CLEAN WITH ME TODAY!  It feels so good!  Take it one day at a time.  Just tell yourself that you are going to feed your body healthy, strengthening foods and drink your water...just today.  Tomorrow you can tell yourself the same thing.  I think this is an important approach, because if you have one day where you don't do well, that is only ONE DAY!  You can start over the next day...trick your psyche...

One more thing...take a few minutes today and clear your mind, and just breathe...deep breathes...cleansing breaths.  Refocus on why you are important and why you need to treat yourself well


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  1. So, this week I have eaten conveniently, which mean s I ate a lot of crap. Thank you for reminding me to eat better and for your awesome meal ideas :]