Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Love

I am trying to steer clear of refined sugar, using only agave nectar, pure maple syrup (sparingly) and fruit.  I am on diabetes medicine, and would like to be able to get off this and avoid having to take insulin.
I found a new friend...this is a natural sugar taken from the blossom's on the coconut tree.  You only need a TINY pinch.  IT IS AMAZEBALLS!
I had a pinch in my green tea, I had some whole-grain toast with coconut oil spread on and a tiny pinch of this.  I broiled grapefruit with a sprinkling of this on the top.  I used some in my cashew cream to dip strawberries in.  I use it in my hot cereal...seriously a little tiny pinch goes along way...sigh....heaven!


  1. My respect level tripled when you used the term amazeballs. I just love you so much! I'll have to try this stuff out. I am all about the coconut products haha