Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Wow, what a horrible snow storm we had to drive up to Primary Children's in!  It took us nearly two hours to get up to our appointment today.  We saw so many wrecks and slide off's on the way and the way back, that I am grateful we did not have any problems.

Riley's mouth is healing.  He is able to have strong rubber bands now instead of only wire. He still has to have his jaws fixated for at least another 4 weeks.

We got to see my sister Annette for a minute up there and she said she notices that I am getting skinnier..SCORE!

Time to make some more mashed potatoes for his syringe!

Speaking of mashed potatoes, I have some sneaky, but killer ideas for your next bowl full.

1.  I use CHICKEN or VEGIE broth instead of cream...shhhhh...it gives TONS of flavor without the calories of loads of butter and cream.  I also put 3 garlic cloves in with the potatoes to boil..yummo.  sea  salt, pepper and some greek yogurt for amazing creaminess.  Just try it.  I use yukon gold potatoes for this because they are already beautifully golden and have a buttery flavor/texture.

2.  Sometimes I sneak in some pureed cauliflower ..major cancer-fighter.  It adds a cool flavor, and the kids are still more apt to eat mashed potatoes than handing them limp,boiled cauliflower   I wont tell you why mine wont eat it, because they eat almost any other vegetable.  All I can say is thank you JORDAN (my number 2 daughter).

3.  Try this amazing dish.  roast 2 sweet potatoes and mash them in with 5 yukon gold potatoes.  Add the chicken broth, sea salt and pepper and a bit of plain greek yogurt....soooo good!

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  1. I had someone at work mention she couldn't use the yogurt...alternatives: Fat Free evaporated milk (creaminess without calories) fat free sour cream, or even replace your full cream with 2% milk...you will be cutting calories:)