Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grilled Chicken Nachos

We like to make our own chips from small corn tortillas.  simply cut with a pizza cutter and bake the slices or wedges with a sprinkling of chipotle seasoning and sea salt until crisp.  These are much lighter than regular chips and delicious!

Add shredded cheese, black, red or pinto beans, grilled chicken chunks ( or leave them out if you are veg. only).  

put under broiler till nice and melty...

Before hand, we made a simple Pico to top this  (recipe below)

PICO DE GALLO  ( we always have this on hand in the summer.  I love it on my salads instead of dressing, potatoes, to dip chips into or to put on wraps )

Chop 4 roma tomatoes
chop one white onion
chop 1/2 cup or so of cilantro
juice of one large or two small limes
Roast one jalapeno, peel and chop ( I do this on the grill in tin foil)
Sea Salt
Garlic clove smashed
pepper to taste
sometimes some red onion too, cucumber, or red pepper, whatever I have :)

Add the pico and enjoy!

Jocelyn also makes a killer guacamole...let me see if she will give me the recipe...I am yelling for her now...

JOCELYN'S KILLER GUACAMOLE is it...warning, it is different every time.  Here is the basic idea...

open your cupboard and dump in everything you find in there.  (That is what she just typed....let me see if I can get more out of her)

Usually there is 2-3 avocados...smash them up.  add the juice of one lime.  put in a bit of onion chopped.  a garlic clove.  red pepper flakes, a bit of cayenn, paprika and onion powder.  salt 
whatever else she feels like...


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