Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jenica is 25!

I can't believe my birst born baby girl is 25 years old.  So many things go through my mind when I think of her being a quarter of a century old.  I think of the day she was born, and they put her on my chest.  I remember her wonderful baby smell, the love I felt was going to burst through my heart into hers.  her cuddles. Her wonderful white, curly hair flying all over when she danced about when she was little.  Her love for life and friends and fun, and music and creatures and her incessant energy.

Jenica is a beautiful woman.  Her mind is so colorful and rich, and she is so artistic.  She feels with the depths of her heart and soul.  It is hard for her to share, because she will give so much of herself.  She does not understand why others cant give like she so freely does.

Jenica lights up a room when she walks in.  Her laugh, her energy, her crazy sense of humor and style are refreshing and amazing.

I love you Jen...I love your soul and I love your beautiful heart.  I wish you the best and know you have potential beyond measure.

You are my little peanut forever....

Momma Bear

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