Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello friends!

I just had to share my love, fascination and excitement with the Bountiful Basket program. It is so much fun to sign up for a basket full of fruit and vegetables that are fresh, whole, and a SURPRISE! You never know what you are getting, so it is fun to take the ingredients and find fun recipes and ideas for the wonderful produce.  ( A lot of ours actually gets eaten before it makes it into the recipes).

I had many friends ask me what I do with some of the ingredients, as the baskets are the same, even though we are in different states.  I told them that I would post the ideas on Facebook.  Some of my friends on Facebook love this, but some dont, so I decided to put the recipes HERE ON THE BLOG!

Do you want to know what I got in my basket today?  Green long peppers, yellow peppers, a big, beautiful head of romaine lettuce, fennel, and tomatoes for the vegies.  Strawberries, blueberries, apples banans and plums.  WOO HOO!

I cant wait to share the ideas and recipes with you here.

This week my promise to myself and to you is to EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL and EXERCISE!

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